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CBSE merit scholarship for single girl child


Eligilbility: Single girl and the only child in the family, who passed class X from CBSE board with atleast 60%/6.2 CGPA or more marks and are studying in class XI/XII in CBSE affiliated schools and their tuition fee is not more than Rs 1500 per month. Students who passed class X in 2016 are eligible for this scholarship.

This scholarship would be awarded to ALL single girl child studying in class XI/XII who fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Scholarship: Scholarship amount of Rs 500 per month will be given for one year and then renewed for one year after passing class XI. 

How to apply: Please visit and login using your roll no. and certificate no. given in your Class X certificate.

Documents required: (1) Original  Affidavit  duly  attested by the  First  Class  Judicial  Magistrate/  SDM/  Executive Magistrate/Notary as per prescribed format available on the Board’s website
(Photocopy of Affidavit will not be accepted).

(2) Application  form  should  be attested  by  the  School  Principal from  where  the  student  is pursuing Class XI after passing Class X from Board’s Examination.

(3) An attested copy of Mark sheet of Class X(2016) for fresh application.

(4) A cancelled cheque of the bank account to which the amount is to be credited. 

(5) The photostat copy of Bank Pass Book duly attested.

(6) Aadhaar number must be linked with your Bank Account.
(copy enclosed)

Deadline for online application: 15th December, 2016

Deadline for sending harcopy of completed application:31st December, 2016

Please look at the detailed instructions on how to APPLY on for SGCX (Fresh & Renewal)_2016.pdf


So, please forward this to any school going girl child/school teacher/parent in your locality so that girl students can get financial help and continue their education in Class XI/XII.

 Also, please take few minutes to create awareness about this scholarship among financially weaker sections of the society, maybe your driver, house maid, vegetable vendor etc.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Promote Science STRONGLY supports equal opportunities for girl child/person with disabilities/students from weaker sections of the society.

Promote Science!

 Information credit: CBSE

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