By Unknown - June 04, 2017

Promote Science Monthly Newsletter

Links to download Promote Science free monthly newsletters:

Promote science is about spreading the joy of doing science among the common people, especially children and encourage them to pursue scientific research. We are starting a new initiative called the PROMOTE SCIENCE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER, where we discuss major happenings in Science and opportunities for school children to pursue scientific research.

Simple steps to NOMINATE YOUR SCHOOL to receive Promote Science monthly newsletter:

2. Enter contact information of your school.

3. In case email-id of your school is NOT AVAILABLE please provide postal address of your school and GIVE YOUR email address instead. Kindly mention email not available in the comments section.

4. Please mention your identity in the comments section or leave it blank if you want to post it anonymously.

Congratulations, you have nominated your school to receive the monthly newsletter. We can guarantee that it would be a wonderful NEW YEAR gift which you can give back to your school and the society.

For individual subscription of PS newsletter, please fill a different form available at

In case of any problems, please message us or write to us at

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