Promote Science's first article on the Thirty Meter Telescope is available online on The Better India blog

By Unknown - May 24, 2017

Image credit: Thirty Meter Telescope
Promote Science recently entered into a collaboration with the online publishing platform The Better India blog to publish monthly articles on upcoming research facilities and India's role in these megaprojects. The mission behind choosing this topic is because India is playing a significant role in big research projects/upcoming facilities and we feel that there is a gap between the general public especially young school children and the limited public outreach related to these endeavours. We hope that our humble efforts would make the general public/school children aware about these amazing opportunities which are around the corner and they too can participate in building/using these megaprojects and help us make novel discoveries, thereby pushing the frontiers of human knowledge and technology. In case you have any comments, suggestions or criticism please feel free to reach us out at

Prof. A.N. Ramaprakash talks with PS.

The first article in this series "Hawaii Will Soon Get One of the World’s Largest Telescopes, and India Has a Big Role in the Project!" is available online at Please feel free to share this article and in case you have any questions we would be very happy to hear from you. Thanks for your love and support!

Team Promote Science

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